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S60 2nd Edition
Go Bananas! - Available For Symbian OS
Mars Lander
It might be one small step to the Moon...but it's one giant leap to Mars!
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Become the Commander of the first international manned space mission to Mars. Overcome the effects of gravity and wind storms to successfully land the Mars Lander spaceship on Mars.


  • Up : Fire Main Thruster
  • Left : Rotate Lander Left
  • Right : Rotate Lander Right

  • Features

  • Play 70 levels of more and more challenging environments as you swap the tranquil Martian sea beds for the harsh mountain terrains.
  • Dynamically generated terrain, never the same level twice!
  • More challenging levels with limited fuel and changing environmental effects.

  • Good luck, Commander.

    User Guide
    User Guide
    S60 2nd Edition
    S60 2nd Edition
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