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S60 2nd Edition
Mars Lander - Available For Symbian OS
Retro Ping-Pong Action!
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Please select the correct Series Edition of your phone. If you don't know the Series Edition of your phone then look for your phone model in the list. For further installation instuctions please read the User Guide.

The following download options are available:

For Series 60 - 2nd Edition Phones
Nokia N72, Samsung SGH-Z600, Samsung SGH-D720, Samsung SGH-D730, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Panasonic X800, Lenovo P930, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6680, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6260, Nokia 7610, Panasonic X700, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6600
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User Guide
User Guide
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